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If you need any further assistance or have a question or general enquiry, send us a message and one of our team member will be here to help.

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How do products come packaged?

Our range of packaging includes tags, hang sell bags, clamshell packaging & boxes. While all products are barcoded, each brand & category of product is packaged differently. You can find information on how a product is packaged in the product description. 

What’s the difference between Love in Leather, Berlin Baby & MUSE?

Although the same company, Berlin Baby & Muse are separate brands to Love in Leather. Love in Leather & Berlin Baby focus on BDSM & kink products. While our namesake offers a diverse range of premium goods, Berlin Baby serves as our economy range. Muse is our newest line & exclusively stocks high end lingerie.

You can find more information about our brands on our About Us page. 

What sizing options do you have?

Information about a product’s size can be found in the product description. If you need further assistance or would like to enquire about custom sizing, please contact us.

What are Love in Leather products made from?

We use a variety of materials to suit all budgets & lifestyles, from the finest Italian leather & Australian sheepskins to PUs & neoprene. You will find information about each product’s construction in the product descriptions.

Where are Love in Leather products made?

While a portion of our range is sourced & manufactured in China, India & Pakistan, we continue to design & produce an assortment of goods in Brisbane, Australia.

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